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Welcome to Gibbs Travel's
National Historical Black College and
University  Tour

Welcome to the site of our Historical Black College and University
Tour.  This tour is designed to enlighten students to the tremendous
opportunities afforded them by attending a historical black college or
university.    Not only am I a graduate of an HBCU, all of my children
attended one as well.   I hope you will consider one as well.

S. M. Gibbs
The Gibbs Travel Historical Black College and University Tour with its origin in Houston,
Texas, is the most extensive yet affordable tour of  historically black institutions.  No other
HBU tour covers as many colleges and universities in one tour as does this one.  Students
from all over the country have participated in our tour from California to Illinois; from New
York to Louisiana.  Our tour is chaperoned by life-long educators, one for every fifteen
students, who have been thoroughly vetted and are able to assist students in choosing a
college or university of their choice.

Other tours may offer similar guarantees, but no other tour will offer the low and affordable
prices that Gibbs Travel offers.  That is because our number one goal is to provide an
opportunity for students to visit a HBU and make one of them their choice for an
undergraduate and/or graduate education.

Click on
"TESTIMONIALS" and view the responses of students, chaperones,
recruiters, and admissions counselors.

          24th Annual
 Historical Black College
        and University
  National Summer Tour!!

  June 19 - 27, 2020

                 (Based on Quads)  


Fisk University                                        North Carolina A&T
Nashville, Tennessee                            Greensboro, North Carolina

Morehouse College                               Spelman College                    
Atlanta, Georgia                                     Atlanta, Georgia

Hampton University                              Tuskegee University
Hampton, Virginia                                  Tuskegee, Alabama

Clark-Atlanta University                       Howard University
Atlanta, Georgia                                      Washington, D.C.                    

Xavier University                             
New Orleans, Louisiana                      

                   (TOUR ORIGINATES  FROM HOUSTON, TX)
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